Sending children to a summer camp, builds identity

Summer camps, provide ideal environment to help children building their personal identity and develop themselves.   Travelling by themselves make them feel responsible and in control of their lives. Learning how to get along with other campers, supervisors and adults other than their parents is a daily challenge that makes them feel confident. Living with kids that have the same age and interested in the same music, movie, subjects give them the sense of belonging and common purpose; it helps them to feel normal. Swiss summer camps are known to be very international; offering campers a better sense of their culture. During night and through organized activities campers are encouraged to talk about their country, language, culture or even food helping children to express and understand themselves a bit more. To values their own roots and those of others. The list of positive effect of summer camps on kids is [...]

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Swiss summer tours

Swiss summer camps are the best opportunity for students to spend their time with their new collegians. Summer and winter camps provide situations where youth and teenagers can enjoy activities they never had a chance to practice before.  They encounter different new experiences during their presence in the camps. Using camps equipment challenges their abilities and reenforce their characters. We can definitely say that the summer camps help children to start changing themselves in a positive way and also to find their real status in family and among friends.   Swiss summer camps, Winter camps Summer camps are a welcome necesity  for kids' growth. Parents  will notice the good  and positive effect of it  during time lapse. Kids can choose their daily routines such as food, customs, who they want to communicate with, and whom to be friend with. We keep trying to make worried parents confident and convince them [...]

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Swiss summer camps 2019

Welcome to Swiss summer camps 2019 Swiss summer camps  are one of the most famous camps in Europe. They are designed exclusively for kids and youth to have real holiday time. Swiss summer schools are known to be great places for children education. They have highest rate among summer schools in Europe. Great equipment, nature, weather or security has made Switzerland the best choice nominated by families. The neutral side in universal politic has made Switzerland one of the safest countries in the world. Its fantastic environment and capacious lakes are among reasons why this country considered as the best place for spending vacation. Every year during  summer and winter families from all over the world bring their children to Gshtaad, Verbier, Zermatt or Villards to enjoy their vacation. We are honored to be trusted by a lot of families to assist them  finding the right camp and making the [...]

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Swiss summer camp seminar 2019

The same question is asked every year and by every team member in Swiss Academic Network, which is : ‘’ How could our annual educational seminar can be made really successful’’ Our latest  educational seminar took place in Tehran on Jan the 30th. The event attracted more than 150 families looking for summer camp, boarding school or universities in Europe.  Several school and university directores were invited to the event to present their instituions and meet participant. The event was great, we have received a lot of positive feedback from participants. They did find the seminar useful as it gave them the possibility to find answers to their questions. Indeed educational  seminars are the best platforms for parents to meet school directors, and other parents having the same concerns. The seminar gives participants the possibility to learn from each others experiences.To realise that their fears for their child's futur is normal. Months [...]

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What is accreditation

What is Accreditation? Accreditation is an incredibly important facet of your child education. It  ensures the level of quality in the education you receive from a school or university,  It also ensures your degrees will be recognized for the true achievements they are.  Before choosing a school, it is important that you know  who accredits the school and what that accreditation means for your future. In fact, without accreditation, you will find yourself with a degree that may not be recognized everywhere . Who provides Accreditation ? NEASC New England Association of Schools and Colleges or CIS Council of International Schools are communities committed to guarantee the high quality of education. These communities are  working to establish and maintain high standards for all levels of education – from pre-kindergarten to the doctoral level.  These are  independent, voluntary, nonprofit membership organizations which serves public and independent schools, colleges and universities worldwide. NEASC and CIS accreditation indicates that a school meets high standards of institutional [...]

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Why do I need an educational consultant?

Why do I need an educational consultant   ? Placing your child in a boarding school and finding the right school is one of life's most important decisions. Most of the parents need help during this confusing time to better navigate the many educational options and alternatives available. Some brochures, marketing materials and even school visits can  be misleading, Based on our 20 years’ experience, the most accredited school can be the wrong fit for your child and not meet his needs. An educational consultant is your guide during this exciting time to help you identifying the best school fit for your child. We at Swiss Academic Network help you in investing wisely in your child's education by : Bringing clarity to each educational offer and possibility. To guide you  in determining what is a high quality school for your child To discover your child's unique learning needs To  assist you in a child, adolescent or young adult  crisis To map up and analyze the educational goals and choices of your child To assist you during the application [...]

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Swiss Visa And Student Permit

If you are not a European citizen and planning to study in Switzerland the information given here is for guidance only and should help you to find answers to some of your questions. In this article we will try to give a summary of Swiss Student Visa And Swiss Visa Permit that will help you all to take your student visa in Swiss… SWISS STUDENT VISA – SWISS VISA PERMIT Every foreigner staying in Switzerland for longer than 90 days/three months needs a residence permit. The Swiss Federal Office for Migration applies different conditions for citizens who are from the European Union or any other country in the word. The process of permit delivery by the local authority may take several months, you may submit your application as early as 6 months prior to studying in Switzerland but no later than ten (10) weeks prior to the date of departure. [...]

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What makes a good Swiss boarding school for Swiss Academic Network

What makes a good Swiss boarding school for Swiss Academic Network We do believe that a good boarding school is not only the best educational opportunities for young children from all over the world but also it can become a truly nurturing environment considered as a second home for many international students. Swiss Boarding schools should make the pupil feels a sense of belonging by teaching them the strong sense of community while supporting and encouraging students to achieve their personal goals. We at Swiss Academic Network take in consideration certain characteristics to determine what we call the best boarding school. We believe that the number of pupil in a class, the atmosphere in the school, positivity of teacher & pupil interaction, friendliness of pupils towards each other, the support boarding schools staffs provide to develop qualities such as creativity, initiatives and open-mindedness, overall cultivation of mind, body and spirit, [...]

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