Switzerland has always had a global reputation. It is certainly the first choice of the world’s famous personalities. The following is a short list of some of the famous people who themselves or their children graduated from Swiss boarding schools. Certainly the names of many of these characters will be familiar to you

Shah of Iran,
Prince Rainier de Monaco,
The Duke of Kent,
King Fouad II of Egypt,
King Juan Carlos of Spain,
King Albert II of Belgium,
The Aga Khan,
Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece and her sisters Pia and Getty,
Alexandra von Furstenberg,
One of Winston Churchill’s grandsons.
Dodi Al-Fayed,
Arki Busson,
Arpad Busson,
John Lennon’s son Sean,
Diana Ross’s and Elizabeth Taylor’s children,
Various members of the Rockefeller, du Pont, and Rothschild dynasties.
Charles Aznavour Pop Icon,
Michel Butor Novelist,
Mario Bunge Philosopher,
Robert Graves Poet.


The actor Michael Gill (House of Cards),
Princess Tatiana of Greece The king of Thailand,
Charlies Chaplin kids,
Princess Marie of Denmark,
Jawaherlal Nahro,
Yasmin Agha Khan,
Christophe Lambert,
French movie star ,
Arthur Sweeteser Journaliste,
Kofi Annan kids,
Richard Corbett Politicien,
Josef Von Sternberg Film Director,
Rita Hayworth Movie star,
Yul Bryneer Actor,
Gene Kelly Dancer,
Robert Hofstadter Scientist,
William Holden movie star,
Serge Reggiani Actor,
Richard Burton Actor,
Elisabeth Taylor Movie star,