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Statue of Saint Peter

The Statue of Saint Peter in Treyvaux Treyvaux was an olden village established in the 9th century during the kingdom of Charlemagne around a chapel devoted to St. Peter. The Back Plague came from the distant Orient In the 14th century and struck Western Europe awakening sickness and death with its arrival. The plague started […]

Scholarships in Swiss Boarding Schools

Scholarships in Swiss Boarding Schools 2020-2021 Scholarships in Swiss boarding schools provide our children with opportunities to experience and learn in a multicultural environment. Given their highly standard educational system, Swiss boarding schools have found fame all over the globe. Of note, several internationally renowned influencers and people have graduated from these schools. Swiss boarding […]

The Swiss Confederation

Swiss National Day The Swiss Confederation was founded in 1291, Uri, Schwyz and Unterwald are the three first cantons formed the nucleus of Switzerland and singed a pact to assist and help each other. Since then and by time other cantons singed and joined this pact to form the actual Swiss confederation. Each year 1st […]

Online Language Courses

Online Language Courses Given the current, exceptional circumstances and the need for practicing social distancing, Swiss Academic Network has commenced its online language courses covering English, German, and French languages with the help of a highly experienced educational team and internationally qualified teachers to provide language learners from all over the world with online updated […]

Why do I need an educational consultant

Why do I need an educational consultant? Placing your child in a boarding school and finding the right school is one of life’s most important decisions. Most of the parents need help during this confusing time to better navigate the many educational options and alternatives available. Some brochures, marketing materials and even school visits can  be misleading, Based on our […]

What is accreditation

What is Accreditation? Accreditation is an incredibly important facet of your child education. It ensures the level of quality in the education you receive from a school or university; it also ensures your degrees will be recognized for the true achievements they are. Before choosing a school, it is important that you know who accredits […]