A new educational consulting company dedicated to providing expats with expert advice on boarding schools, summer/winter camps, universities and Hotel Management schools in Switzerland has been launched. Swiss Academic Network is the brain child of independent educational consultant Maryam Abadi, who aims to use her extensive experience and professional connections across Swiss institutes to help families and individuals navigate the daunting selection process and find the most appropriate boarding school, summer/winter camps, universities and Hotel Management schools.

Maryam Abadi, General Manager, commented: “I believe that the best investment always starts with education. I created the Swiss Academic Network with the aim to give people who live in other countries better access to the renowned educational institutions in Switzerland. In fact, being a mother, I have always felt the need to have information on different educational institutions under one platform. Our new website aims to assist people in other countries in making informed decisions about educational institution, as well as access our services more efficiently.”

Switzerland has excellent education system with world-class schools and universities, with Swiss boarding schools recognised among the best in the world. With a global reputation for high teaching standards, excellent infrastructure and holistic learning environment, Swiss boarding schools are preferred choices for the global elite. Through intensive teaching and learning curriculum, these schools allow students to grow in a multicultural and safe environment, whilst preparing them for the world’s best universities.

By acting as an agent between renowned Swiss institutions and parents/individuals, Swiss Academic Network provides expert support throughout the application and placement process.

She added: “Some of the boarding schools we work with are very well known in the UK and US and have been awarded by the New England association of schools and colleges, licensed to operate the Duke of Edinburgh’s award and some of them are members of COBIS (council of British internationals schools). These boarding schools apply the British or American system in order to respond to the needs of their global clientele.”

As part of the launch, the company has also introduced its new logo, motto as well as a new website. This reflects the company’s commitment to delivering world-class consulting service, while improving customer experience and brand recognition. Through the formal launch of the company, the founder aims to nurture the relationship with existing clients, as well as develop new ties by communicating the company’s proposition more effectively. The website (www.swiss-academic-network.com) builds the company’s online presence, whilst offering essential information on Swiss boarding schools, universities, Hotel Management schools and summer/winter camps as well as services offered by the firm.

The new logo captures the essence of the motto, ‘A more connected world means more educational opportunities to promote the success of each individual to their limitless potential.’ In conjunction with the launch of the new logo, the company has introduced a new mission statement that highlights the company’s focus on helping each individual realise their inner potential by providing a safe, positive, holistic and multicultural environment to grow and develop, while equipping them with the relevant skills and knowledge for the future.

With extensive academic network and firsthand industry knowledge, Swiss Academic Network is committed to providing industry-leading customer satisfaction by matching individuals with the right boarding school/institution and making the educational planning process an enriching experience.