Scholarships in Swiss Boarding Schools

July 6th,2022


Scholarships in Swiss Boarding Schools 2020-2021

Scholarships in Swiss boarding schools provide our children with opportunities to experience and learn in a
multicultural environment. Given their highly standard educational system, Swiss boarding schools have found fame all
over the globe. Of note, several internationally renowned influencers and people have graduated from these schools.

Swiss boarding schools are non-profit in nature, and they thus receive tuition fees from students. The Swiss Academic
Network has offered students opportunities to join Swiss boarding schools on a 1-year scholarship from 2020 to 2021.

Scholarships provided by Swiss boarding schools cover a large portion of tuition fees in Switzerland. The amount of
scholarship is the same for all the students from 11 years of age to 16. The two important issues, however, are the
limited number of scholarships granted and time limitation to access such scholarships.

Advantages of Gaining Swiss Boarding Schools Scholarships

  • Studying in Swiss boarding schools
  • Studying in an international environment
  • Going on school tours and receiving travel services
  • Maintaining comprehensive insurance
  • Learning international languages
  • Staying in student dormitories
  • Enjoying proper and sufficient nutrition
  • Learning a variety of sports
  • Visiting different museums
  • Providing students’ families with schooling and progress reports
  • Facilitating the connection between accepted students and their families

Advantages of Gaining Swiss Boarding Schools Scholarships

  1. Be 11 to 16 years old
  2. Have certified identification documents
  3. Provide detailed school grades (school graduation certificates)
  4. Provide the applicant’s resume
  5. Know the English language
  6. Have a family able to afford the costs

Some Key Points

You do not need to offer a certificate regarding the second language. Speaking fluently and understanding adequately one
of the languages of English, German or French will suffice. Families need to be able to afford the costs of living in
Switzerland and prove such a financial ability to the Embassy of Switzerland for issuing the student visa. The staff of
the boarding schools are fully supportive of the students and evaluate their presence and progress meticulously.

At the time of your children’s presence in the boarding schools, boarding schools’ consultants stay in contact with the
parents round the clock.

You can receive answers to all your questions by contacting experts at the Swiss Academic Network.

The Swiss Academic Network Services

  • Consulting freely about the complete process of scholarship acceptance and reception as well as staying in Switzerland
  • Consulting about preparing relevant, necessary documents
  • Offering scholarship acceptance letters issued by Swiss boarding schools
  • Providing a welcome airport pickup and transfer to the school
  • Guiding and helping parents to go to Switzerland and visit their children
  • Providing opportunities to undertake a virtual tour of the schools

The Swiss Academic Network offers unflagging support to you to gain a student visa and admission to Swiss boarding
schools and universities.

To obtain more information on our services, you can ask for a free consultation online. You can also click here to
contact us. If interested, you can join the Swiss Academic Network’s channels on WhatsApp or Telegram.