Project Description

Institut auf dem Rosenberg

  • Place Rosenberg/ St Gallen
  • Student age 6-18 years
  • Language English
  • Number of student 260
  • Diplomas: US High school, UK A Level , German Abitur, Swiss and Italian maturity
  • Accreditation: ECIS, KMK, IB, CIS, SFPS, SGIS …..
  • Boarding Daily and Boarding School
  • Summer camps Yes
  • Price 84,000 CHF

Day and Boarding school

Founded in 1889 and located in Rosenberg a small village of St Gallen region. The school location was carefully chosen hundred years ago for the health benefits it offered and the clean air and mild pre-alpine climate of the region. Today, the school is run and owned by the Gademann family in its fourth consecutive generation. With only 300 students from across the globe Institute auf dem Rosenberg is one of the oldest and most known private and international boarding school; also, the only boarding school in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The school offers a pleasant and exclusive academic environment, the pupils can determine the academic system they would like to pursue aiming to continue their studies in the best universities. Academically Rosenberg offers five different national systems which are the Swiss, German, Italian, US and UK systems. Having the possibility to choose any one of the mentioned systems is one of the biggest distinguishing factors of Rosenberg compared to other international boarding schools. With an average of maximum 8 students in each class the academic team can focus on each student needs and ensure providing them the educational and personal support. The school management and educational team focus constantly on individual education, life-learning opportunities, personal assessment and continuous guidance to each student to realize their hopes, dreams and ambitions. We at Swiss Academic Network work closely with the admission team in Rosenberg, Student placed in Rosenberg are happy with their choice, we of course can assist and support you as a parent for any question you may have about the school.

Day school

Most of the day school students living in ST Gallen region. The school, in addition to the standard educational systems proposes some extracurricular programs such as art, music or physical education. These activities are the key of a lifelong development in an environment with minimal distractions helping pupils to maximize their effort to succeed. The school make sure to remain a boarding school and therefore only 5% of the students are daily. Fees for a day school student is around CHF 40‘500 per academic school year. The fees apply to all the school’s academic sections and are valid through all grades. The day school student comes from the German speaking part studying at Rosenberg because they would like to join universities such as ETH in Zurich or ST Gallen university which are ranked among the best universities in the academic world.

Boarding school

The best advantage of Rosenberg boarding school experience is the fact that learning never stops for students from the age of 6 to 18. Here most of daily and boarding students are bilingual and multi-cultural. The atmosphere is quite challenging and contribute to the student education and in the same time to the school’s diversity. The academic program is rigorous, boarding students take different type of math, language and sciences tests every Saturday before going on weed-end to different city trips or have other activities. The week-end activities and program vary depending on the season, weather and according to pupils’ interests. Some of the organized activities every year are Amusement Park Visits, karting, Climbing, Art Exhibitions, Ski Trips, Races, night skiing; and during summer Tobogganing, Bowling, Hiking, Biking, Zoo Visits, and Candlelight Dinners. If you place your child as a border in Rosenberg you should know that the following fees will be charged as an extra: Laundry, additional private lessons, extra-curricular trips (Europe, Skiing) or the health insurance.