Summer camps, provide ideal environment to help children building their personal identity and develop themselves.


Travelling by themselves make them feel responsible and in control of their lives. Learning how to get along with other campers, supervisors and adults other than their parents is a daily challenge that makes them feel confident. Living with kids that have the same age and interested in the same music, movie, subjects give them the sense of belonging and common purpose; it helps them to feel normal.

Swiss summer camps are known to be very international; offering campers a better sense of their culture. During night and through organized activities campers are encouraged to talk about their country, language, culture or even food helping children to express and understand themselves a bit more. To values their own roots and those of others.

The list of positive effect of summer camps on kids is very long. Summer or Winter camps can give our kids the chance to well prepare for life. Parents release once their children are back home that during they very short time out of home they have grown up, their way of expressing themselves changes and it’s a sing of building their identity.