If you are not a European citizen and planning to study in Switzerland the information given here is for guidance only and should help you to find answers to some of your questions. In this article we will try to give a summary of Swiss Student Visa And Swiss Visa Permit that will help you all to take your student visa in Swiss…


Every foreigner staying in Switzerland for longer than 90 days/three months needs a residence permit. The Swiss Federal Office for Migration applies different conditions for citizens who are from the European Union or any other country in the word. The process of permit delivery by the local authority may take several months, you may submit your application as early as 6 months prior to studying in Switzerland but no later than ten (10) weeks prior to the date of departure. Swiss Academic Network recommends to submit your request to the Swiss consulate at least 5 months before your studies start, our team members can assist or act on your behalf during the whole process.

Your student visa application request must be submitted to the Swiss representation for your state of residence or at your country of origin. When you receive confirmation of acceptance from a Swiss private school or university you should contact the Swiss embassy for information on entry formalities for Switzerland, please note that you can apply for a student visa only when you have an invitation letter from the school in which you have been admitted.

For the student long-term visa you will need to fill in form D which the Swiss consulate or our Swiss Academic Network team will put at your disposal, including the various reference forms and documents listed here under


a valid passport/travel ID( min 6 month validity)proof of adequate financial resources to cover your costs while you’re in Switzerland, whether yourself or a sponsor, such as copies of bank statements or a letter from the bank.proof of healthcare insurance which includes cover for accidents.motivation letter outlining why you want to come to Switzerland to study and how this will be beneficial to your career.confirmation of enrollment at a recognized Swiss educational institution.confirmation of course fees paid.your CV.copies of previous educational certificates and diplomas.a signed letter confirming that you will leave Switzerland at the end of the course.
you may also be asked to sit a language test to make sure that you will be able to follow lessons.


The Swiss embassy will transfer your request to the office of migration in Bern which will verify and status on your request. Once you have the approval from the Swiss authority and you receive the student visa stamp in your passport you have 14 days after your arrival in Switzerland to register your arrival and arrange to get your residence permit from the cantonal migration office.

While you are waiting for your B permit (residential permit which will allow you travelling in the Schengen countries) from the local authority, you’ll be given attestation that will allow you to open a bank account but won’t allow you to leave the country. You’ll be issued with a permit B in the form of a bio metric card. It’s valid for a year and renewable.

Thank you for your interest in Switzerland.

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