The same question is asked every year and by every team member in Swiss Academic Network, which is :

‘’ How could our annual educational seminar can be made really successful’’

Our latest  educational seminar took place in Tehran on Jan the 30th. The event attracted more than 150 families looking for summer camp, boarding school or universities in Europe.  Several school and university directores were invited to the event to present their instituions and meet participant. The event was great, we have received a lot of positive feedback from participants. They did find the seminar useful as it gave them the possibility to find answers to their questions.

Indeed educational  seminars are the best platforms for parents to meet school directors, and other parents having the same concerns. The seminar gives participants the possibility to learn from each others experiences.To realise that their fears for their child’s futur is normal.

Months before the seminar day, we inform parents and young students who are most likely to benefit from the event. Through questionaires, interview and mails we list their concerns and questions and we invite speakers who will addresses these concernes. It is one of the best ways to make our seminar matches what they need and expect.

Most school and university directors who are invited are chosen because they are expert and can deliver the ideal solution to parents. By experience we know that some students and parents simply don’t know what they don’t know. This seminar will help them to discover more about their aspirations, expectation, goals they are pursuing and to choose the right summer camps, boarding school, hospitality or university they want to apply for.

We are delighted to see that every year we have more participants. We will always do our best to satisfy the need of each individual. It is our responsibility to assist you finding the best institution.