The Swiss Summer Camps Power

Summer camp is certainly a wonderful and magical experience for children from 5 to 18 years old.

Yet it is difficult decision for parents to make  the right choice wondering which camp is the

best one for their child. Parents want their children to have fun but also to improve their language skills, to learn new things and on top to grow up.

Today, you can find camps all over the world. Each camp has its own characteristic and can be unique in its program, culture, language, games, geography or tradition. The Swiss Academic Network mission is to find the right camp for your child.

We do believe that a Summer camp can changes your child’s life in a very positive way. Experience shows that kids participating in summer camps are more tolerant,  independent, open minded , confident, and capable person.

Targets for summer camps

Here are some facts we take in consideration while choosing a summer camp for  your child:

  • A camp should help children to improve their linguistic and physical basic skills through sport activities and offered language courses.
  • Organized activities should teach the child on how to be a team player. games and social activities should improve the child capacity to learn how to cope with the diversity around him such as language, culture, religion, climate or food.
  • Achils should be placed in a camp were other participating kids should have the same age, As interacting kids have the same age the camp can be the best place to learn about themselves and others around them. During their saty they can learn to care about other’s feelings and respecting them.
  • The Camp should stimulate the child curiosity and  encourage them discovering the possibilities the world can offer them.
  • A good camp will make your child live different emotions and human feelings including the value of friendship, homesickness, disagreements, team work, frustrations and many more feeling  which are natural and important for them to grow up.

We encourage all parents to give their children the opportunity to experience summer camps . If you decide to send your child to a camp and hesitate which one to choose, we are here to assist you.