Swiss summer camps are the best opportunity for students to spend their time with their new collegians. Summer and winter camps provide situations where youth and teenagers can enjoy activities they never had a chance to practice before.  They encounter different new experiences during their presence in the camps. Using camps equipment challenges their abilities and reenforce their characters. We can definitely say that the summer camps help children to start changing themselves in a positive way and also to find their real status in family and among friends.


Swiss summer camps, Winter camps

Summer camps are a welcome necesity  for kids’ growth. Parents  will notice the good  and positive effect of it  during time lapse. Kids can choose their daily routines such as food, customs, who they want to communicate with, and whom to be friend with. We keep trying to make worried parents confident and convince them to take steps and bring their children to Swiss summer camps. Therefore, Some parents and camps participants were interviewed at the end of summer camps 2018. We asked them why to take part in camps. Here are some of the key points that supervisors, parents and kids indicated.

  • Camps can help kids to overcome their fears.
  • Kids can have fun and are amused physically every day.
  • They recede from computers and mobiles. So they become aware of the world around them and the many opportunites if offers them to play.
  • Camps are the best places for them to know themselves better.
  • They learn social behaviors and learn how to communicate with students from different cultures.
  • The kids feel the nature and the nature raise their comprehension from real world and guaranty their health.
  • They make real friends. The relaxation in the camps improve their skill of making friends and simply they will have new mates.

At night, under the bright of stars and around fire they get together and sing, tell stories, and talk about their personality. They will never forget these memories and the experience will drive them to real world.

Swiss Academic network summer camps are for kids from age 8 to 18. Supervisors and summer camp team members make sure kids are enjoying every situation in a best way. If you have concerns in this matter  we will be happy to listen to your concerns and to help you making the best choice for your child.